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Global Maritime is always looking for people to strengthen its team – people who share our values, are proactive, and are committed to excellence in everything they do. 

Why join us? 

Because at Global Maritime, you will always remain the focus of everything we do – the building blocks on which the company is based. We will believe you, we will support you and we will give you the tools, training and career paths to reach your optimal potential. We want Global Maritime to be a great place to work - where people and their skills and experience are valued and utilized wherever possible. Our Technical Authority Board, for example, identifies technical excellence in the company and provides a clear, career pathway.

In return, we expect you to deliver for us and for our customers - challenging traditional thinking, always going that ‘extra mile’, and developing solutions-oriented approaches that meet our customers’ offshore and marine challenges. 

Here are some of the key characteristics of our current and future employees.
-    People who are comfortable working within an innovative, collaborative and challenging working environment.
-    People who are prepared to always go that extra mile with our customers.  We are a ‘can do’ rather than a ‘can’t do’ company.
-    People who never forget the customer and the challenges they face and always put themselves in their mindset. 
-    People who are passionate in what they do and show huge pride in being part of a successful, proactive and global company. 
-    People who can demonstrate technical excellence – the backbone of Global Maritime.

So if you are interested in joining a fast moving company at the forefront of marine and offshore activities, contact us today. 







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Latest Vacancies

  • Technical Coordinator
  • Marine Warranty Surveyor
  • Geotechnical Engineer

Featured Team members

James Adcock

Business Stream Director - Engineering & Software

James Adcock is the Business Stream Director for Engineering & Software at Global Maritime, a role he has held since January 2023. In this position, he leads the global strategy for the Engineering & Software business stream, coordinating resources and business development opportunities. James’ journey at Global Maritime began in January 2007 after a stint in the aerospace industry. He started as a structural engineer in the UK offshore engineering department, eventually progressing to senior roles including global technical authority for jack-ups and leading the UK engineering team.

Key milestones in James’ career include working within a multi-disciplinary design department, which emphasized the importance of collaboration, and representing Global Maritime at various industry events. His favourite project was the basic design of the Service Jack jack-up vessel, where he played a crucial role from concept through to construction and subsequent assessments.

James appreciates the fast pace and variety of work at Global Maritime, and he values the company's professional and responsive team. Looking to the future, he envisions furthering the cohesion within the Engineering & Software team and contributing to the company's sustainable growth. Despite over a decade at Global Maritime, James remains enthusiastic about his role and the company's potential.

Rufat Abilov

Marine Asset Protection Surveillance Operator and Marine Surveyor (MAPSO)

A seasoned professional in the maritime industry I, Rufat Abilov serve as a Marine Asset Protection Surveillance Operator (MAPSO) and Marine Surveyor. With years of experience navigating the complexities of offshore operations I ensure the safety and security of marine assets through vigilant surveillance and strategic planning.

Also, on board offshore vessels I have pivotal role as Marine Representative and On-Hire/Off-Hire Surveyor, meticulously assessing vessel condition and compliance with industry standards, furthermore, demonstrate exemplary leadership as the Logistic Section Chief within Incident Management Teams (IMT), orchestrating efficient responses to maritime incidents. Additionally, I serve as a trusted Dynamic Positioning (DP) Advisor, offering expert guidance to enhance vessel manoeuvrability and operational effectiveness. Through a blend of expertise and dedication, continue to uphold the highest standards of maritime safety and efficiency.

Michele Martins

Global Business Lead for Geophysics

Michele joined Global Maritime in 2022 and is currently the Global Business Lead for Geophysics. She has over 20 years of experience within geophysics, ranging from data acquisition and processing to interpretation and development of integrated/detailed ground models.  She has lived in 5 countries, with experience in both Oil and Gas and Renewables sectors and various geological basins and settings across the globe. She is a Chartered Geologist and over the past 2 years has helped to develop the Geophysical team and service offerings in GM.

“I am finding the offshore wind industry incredibly fascinating. The complexity and associated challenges of shallow geology, with the building of ground models using UHRS and geotechnical data I find captivating. I believe in the near future 3D UHRS will prevail, providing the opportunity to model geotechnical properties sitewide, therefore allowing for late turbine layout selection and providing more flexibility to the developers.”

Sara Bojnourdi

Graduate Offshore Geotechnical Engineer

Sara received her master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering in 2020 and started her career as an onshore geotechnical and structural engineer in the highways industry, subsequently moving into the oil and gas industry in (2021). She moved to the UK and joined Global Maritime in December 2022 as a Graduate Offshore Geotechnical Engineer.

Her role involves geotechnical site investigation and soil interpretation, wind turbine foundation installation assessment, jack-up site-specific installation and operation assessment and FEA numerical analysis. She has also performed the role of offshore geotechnical client representative for a number of different ground investigation scopes and survey vessels within the North Sea.

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