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Geoscience Services from Global Maritime

We operate globally across all seas and maritime sectors, meeting the challenges of the seabed for our clients, throughout the project lifecycle. Our focus is on providing value adding, integrated geoscience solutions, with a holistic view of the particular needs of our customer, project and the challenges that the seabed brings.

Global Maritime's integrated geoscience mission is underpinned by 4 key technical discipline areas; geophysics, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and geospatial systems. These key disciplines work together throughout the project lifecycle to provide optimised solutions to our clients. We leverage the construction and installation experience of our own geoscience team, and broader disciplines within Global Maritime, to deliver valued insights and pragmatic approaches to the project development phase.

Initial Planning and Feasibility

Working with project owners and stakeholders, we drive value out of public domain and proprietary, but non site-specific, data sets to characterise project seabed conditions, provide initial geohazard and geotechnical risk evaluation alongside engineering studies:

  • Desk studies and geohazard analysis, including comparative suitability assessments between projects such as OWF lease areas
  • Geohazard and geotechnical risk registers
  • Initial ground model build and geospatial data hosting
  • Foundation optioneering
  • Cable corridor and landfall selection
  • Seabed risk management planning 

Development and Design

GM’s geoscience team guide and lead geo data acquisition campaigns, expertly perform interpretation and integrate seabed data sets into high-value geological, geophysical and geotechnical models which are then used to empower our clients project development and engineering strategies, whilst providing the foundation for our own innovative engineering solutions. Working with focus to optimise CAPEX and reduce risk:

  • Geophysical and geotechnical survey design, procurement, supervision and management
  • Geophysical and geotechnical data interpretation, reinterpretation and integration
  • Construction of integrated geospatial ground models
  • Detailed geo risk assessment
  • Foundation design, installation and decommissioning studies
  • Subsea cable routing, CBRA, burial assessment
  • Jackup operability studies, including integrated SSA & LPA, based on specific vessels or utilising our detailed knowledge of the offshore fleet

Supplier Management, Construction and Installation

Following design, projects face residual geo risks which must be managed in the project build phase, either in the selection of appropriate contractors and equipment, or in the methodology and engineering of the works offshore. Our team works with the project owner, or the project construction supply chain, to manage and mitigate these risks with engineering solutions which secure project programmes and budgets:

  • EPCI or multi-contract technical bid review
  • Foundation installation assessment and design
  • Detailed jackup operability studies, focussed on optimising uptime
  • Detailed burial assessments and route refinement
  • Offshore attendance, either as specialist Client Representatives, or to augment contractor teams
  • Expert witness and forensic review of construction and installation failures 

Operation and Decommissioning

The shallow marine environment is highly energetic and in a permanent state of change. Reliable operation of offshore infrastructure in this environment secures revenue and requires a consideration of evolving seabed conditions. Our geosciences team understand the interaction between the energetic seabed environment and infrastructure, enabling productive operation and successful decommissioning:

  • Cable Burial Integrity Assessments examining the long-term security and stability of seabed cables
  • Jackup operability analysis for O&M and decommissioning activities
  • Foundation extraction studies 

Global Maritime 

Working seamlessly with naval architecture, hydrodynamics, structural engineering and marine warranty teams, we are able to augment our geoscience capability with marine and construction experience whilst being able to offer integrated design of subsea foundations, and floating wind assets.

We’re ready to meet your seabed challenges!



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