Naval Architecture / Design

Vessel & Rig Design

Global Maritime has built up a considerable portfolio of own developed designs over the past decade. The philosophy has been to combine our core engineering competence with our practical experience, in order to create sustainable and innovative design solutions. We will also offer project design support and shipyard support during construction and commissioning.

Our design portfolio fall into three main categories:


We have been a pioneer in the design and construction of semi-submersible vessels in China. The first semi-submersible vessel designed by Global Maritime Group was delivered in 2010. Since then, ten vessels in our design have been built, or are under construction. These designs include well intervention, drilling, and accommodation vessels. Global Maritime Group has also designed a semi-submersible construction and decommissioning vessel.


Global Maritime has developed eight different Jack-up designs, two of which have been built. Our designs range from drilling rigs, to construction and maintenance vessels, and wind farm installation and accommodation units.


We have developed a number of mono-hull designs, including a reference FPSO design, and a standard FSU design.

Global Maritime Design & Analysis Service

Global Maritime has extensive experience in conducting design analyses and verification of offshore structures, tailored to our clients’ requirements. Combining state- of-the-art computer modelling techniques with practical, hands-on knowledge, we provide design services from concept to commissioning of fixed and floating platforms, mobile offshore units, and vessels.

Our design services span from concept development, via basic design and classification society approval, to detailed design and shipyard support during construction and commissioning. We also have a portfolio of designs for semi- submersibles, jack-ups, and mono-hull vessels.

Design of Marine Systems

We have extensive experience in the design and engineering of marine systems for mobile floating units, such as semi-submersible vessels, Jack-ups, FPSOs, and FSUs.

Our marine systems expertise contributes to most of Global Maritime’s multi-discipline projects, adding considerable synergies to our core competences. Typical system packages include fresh water, ballast, HVAC, fuel, lubrication oil, etc.

We also deliver drawing, report, and calculation packages for marine systems.

Geotechnical Design

We offer support and advice regarding all offshore structures that need high quality geotechnical design to provide safe foundations for operations. We have extensive experience in analysing “location approvals” and “site assessments” for jack-up rigs and other fixed installations.

Our services include:

  • Jack-up drilling rig foundations
  • Anchors
  • Fixed platforms (design and installations)
  • Gravity based platform foundations
  • Jackets (mud-mats, piles, and unpiled stability)
  • Site investigation planning and management
  • Pipeline trenching and routing studies
  • Dredging consultancy
  • Scour protection studies
  • Research & Development

Global Maritime maintains a full suite of offshore design and analysis programs. For geotechnical consultancy, this includes:

  • GRLWeap for pile design
  • PUNCHTHROUGH for spud-can penetration
  • TOUCHDOWN for Jack-up installation
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