Marine Operations

Global Maritime can take responsibility for the installation, replacement or decommissioning of your floater or subsea assets

Global Maritime Marine Operations provide all Project Management, Engineering, HSEQ and Offshore Management to safely and efficiently carry out projects.

What differs Global Maritime from other Marine Installation companies is that we do not own or operate any vessels. This allows for free thinking without having to be locked into a particular vessel, as this is a commodity in the current market that can be sourced when needed.

Global Maritime have significant proven project savings due to this execution model as the vessel selection is based on the most optimal execution model.

Global Maritime Marine Services include:
• Mooring system pre-installation
• Floater tow & hook-Up
• Floater disconnection & tow
• Mooring system replacement or decommissioning
• Flexible installation, replacement or decommissioning
• Subsea asset installation, replacement or decommissioning

Unique mooring system knowledge
Global Maritime has decades of hands-on experience from design to decommissioning of mooring systems for both temporary and permanent moored units. This experience is applied to assist our clients solve their requirements with efficient and safe operations.

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Marine Operations

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