Tacaamol Port Feed Study

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: September 1, 2014

Client: CH2M Dubai

Timeline: 2014

The Tacaamol Aromatics project was undertaken by the ports and harbours department based in London for CH2M Hill port development in Dubai.

GM were involved in the following parts:

- Full HAZID to identify the risk and assess what mitigating measures can be put in place.

- Quantative marine risk assessment which evaluated the risk of grounding, striking a fixed object or loss of containment.

- Development of an emergency response plan which addresses the essential steps to achieve a coordinated response with multiple parties for emergency, evacuation or oil/chemical responses.

- Development of a pollution response plan which outlines the contingency plans required to comply with pollution regulations.

- Bollard pull analysis to determine the tug requirements for transit through the approach channel and berthing.

- Assessment of mooring capabilities at the proposed berths.

A ship manoeuvring study done by running simulations on a full ship simulator. This was used to assess the ease of navigation and berthing in the proposed port. The approach channel and berth were modelled along with proposed vessels conditions to replicate the port bathymetry and weather conditions.

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