North Sea Fish Farm

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: April 30, 2017

Client: Erko Seafood AS

Timeline: 2016 - 2017

Erko Seafood and Global Maritime have collaborated on a new concept for offshore fish farming that involves a fish farm platform in the open sea. This began with a feasibility workshop and study in Autumn 2016, and was followed by a conceptual study in 2017.

Based on the conceptual study, an application for a development concession was submitted to the Norwegian Fishery Directorate by Erko Seafood AS mid-May 2017.

The conceptual development involved:

- Structural design

- Geotechnical studies

- General arrangement layout of the installation

- Fish welfare, including fish technical equipment

- Hydrodynamic analysis of environmental conditions and loads on the net and structure

- Safety design basis covering compliance, rules, regulations, and international standards, risk analysis, contingency, health, lifesaving appliances, means of assess, fire safety, and environment

- Fish escape analysis, complying with NS-9415, including barrier management to avoid fish escape

- Transport method evaluation, including assembly and installation

- Cost estimation of design, build, and operation

The fish farm is dimensioned according to the current rules and regulations so that it has sufficient capacity to withstand specific gravity, including equipment loads, as well as resist absorbent environmental loads from current, waves and wind.

Analysis performed by using the following software:

- MOSES: Used for evaluation of hydrodynamic and stability

- SESAM: Used for structural analysis. It is used several modules in the software package. Inclusive Genie, WAJAC, SESTRA, XTRACT, HydroD, WADAM, POSTRESP, PRESEL, PREPOST, FRAMWORK og XTRACT

- ORCAFLEX : Used for wave condition and loads on the net and motions of the net versus installation

- OPSIM: Used for evaluation of various operations.

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