Interactive Immersive Environment App for Offshore Projects

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: September 2, 2015

Client: Ocean Farming

Timeline: 2015

A desktop based application which works like a simulator was created. It allows users to explore and interact in an animated 3D environment, with light, motions, sound and special effects to mimic a real life situation.

The prototype features Ocean Farming’s next generation fish farm. Using a mouse and a headset, a user can view the structure in a “bird’s eye mode”, or walk through the many paths and stairways along the farm. Other possibilities include trapping a school of fish for extraction, ballasting and de-ballasting, checking equipment documentation, and launching life-saving appliances.

According to the project manager, Pedro Arriaga:

“We anticipate that this technology can deliver operators significant savings in personnel training. To get a crew familiar with any offshore asset they are due to work in, all an operator has to do is sending a file to the crew members, which can go through the new unit and run their required functions, evacuation drills, and emergency procedures as if in a computer game, from the comfort of their homes and using only their laptops.”

Training is only one of many applications for this new technology. Other potential uses include court case presentations, marketing, and PR campaigns for the wider public.

This project utilized blue sea thinking to provide innovative cost savings to potential clients and is a great example of collaboration between GM Group offices.

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