GM in the Local Community

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: May 13, 2022
Global Maritime

At Global Maritime we care about our local community and the communities in which we work. Engaging with and supporting local communities, including charities and social enterprises is an increasingly important aspect of our business. Where we can, we seek to enhance social and economic impacts on local communities through our project management approach.

Some examples of how we contribute and a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to the local communities in which we are present around the globe includes:


Global Maritime provide sponsorship to Impande (South Africa) to supply two educational facilities with toys, equipment, and supplies. Impande are a Norwegian Foundation, providing early childhood development, care and primary education for children in South Africa.

We sponsor a number of global sporting teams and charities, including Stevenage Sporting Futures, Doha Rugby Football Centre, and Sandown & Lake Youth FC. As well as economic advantages our sponsorship promotes health and wellbeing through sport and physical activity, as well as providing opportunities to participate in competitive leagues.

Supporting Sustainable Initiatives

We continue to use our marine operational expertise to support the Ocean Clean-up programme. The Ocean Clean-up programme aims to remove 90% of floating ocean plastics.


Global Maritime are committed to inspiring the next generation through the engagement with local educational establishments. We promote STEM careers and opportunities to students; helping them gain a practical insight into career paths within the offshore industry. We regularly support local STEM events, such as EBP’s (Education Business Partnership South) ‘Get Inspired Portsmouth’ and attend local University recruitment fairs.



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