GM hold a Decommissioning Technical Session with Decom Mission

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: December 5, 2023
Global Maritime

Last month Global Maritime held a Decommissioning Technical Breakfast, supported by Decom Mission. The event brought together Oil and Gas operators and the NSTA to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

GM’s UK MWS Lead, Matthew Taylor, drew on his experience of decommissioning operations both in the North Sea and internationally to consider where efficiency gains can be made through the various phases of projects.

Key insights from the event were:

  • Preparation – take time to evaluate the key starting conditions of weight, structural integrity, and access as early as possible, ensuring there are no showstoppers for the planned removal method.
  • Market competition – Decommissioning is now competing with offshore wind as well as O&G developments. Identification of alternative decommissioning methodologies would help assist decommissioning projects and minimize the exposure to heavy lift vessel schedules.
  • Back to the future – the techniques commonly used in decommissioning are well understood but repurposing existing technologies and supporting new technology development have the potential to drive efficiency.
  • Scheduling – while the key operations are highly engineered, many apparently routine activities lie on the critical path and cause significant delays. Spending more time upfront understanding operational limitations can identify pinch points and give a robust prediction of actual campaign duration.
  • Collaboration – the key to efficient projects is campaign management – creating an environment where multiple operators can work collectively for planned decommissioning activities to achieve economies of scale.

Global Maritime wish to thank the operators who participated in the event and look forward to welcoming you at forthcoming sessions.

If you want to find out more about Global Maritime and our decommissioning track record, please contact Matthew Taylor to arrange a call.

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