GM commits to continuing its involvement in the JIP for the forthcoming revision of DNV-RP-C205

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: November 20, 2023
Global Maritime

Global Maritime AS commits to continuing its active involvement in the Joint Industry Project for the forthcoming major revision of ‘DNV-RP-C205 Environmental Conditions and Environmental Loads’.

Having actively participated in the Joint Industry Project (JIP) for over two years, Global Maritime AS is pleased to announce its continued involvement and support in the upcoming update of the recommended practice (RP) ‘DNV-RP-C205’.

The widely used recommended practice (RP) is a key reference for the design of offshore (and near-shore) structures – both fixed and floating – and offers guidance for modelling, analysis, and prediction of environmental conditions (particularly wind, waves, and currents) and estimation of the resulting environmental loads.

Global Maritime’s Norway based Hydrodynamics team, will continue to lead our involvement, contributing through extensive knowledge and experience in the analysis and design of various offshore structures.

Collaborating with other key players in the offshore industry, this JIP guarantees Global Maritime’s stay at the forefront of the latest research and recommended practices for assessing environmental actions on marine structures.

“We are delighted to extend our involvement in the Joint Industry Project, working together with other leading experts within the offshore sector to share industry-best design practices. Our work will continue to further refine the RP, drawing on our extensive track record in the analysis and design of offshore structures – all while satisfying the curiosity of some of our most passionate hydrodynamicists” said Pål Takle Bore, Senior Naval Architect at Global Maritime. “We are confident that the revision of this important recommended practice will benefit the entire offshore industry – from oil and gas to renewables and aquaculture, contributing to more reliable and cost-effective design of offshore structures and ensuring safer marine operations”.

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