DP Assurance Update

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: June 5, 2020

An update from our DP Assurance Team; lessons learned and challenges in dealing with COVID-19...

COVID-19 and its associated impacts (particularly those such as social distancing requirements and restrictions on personnel travel) have had a profound impact on maritime consultancy services around the globe. Services associated with Dynamic Positioning Assurance have been similarly and significantly affected. As a result, many service providers have opted to offer alternative products to vessel owners and operators, in an attempt to provide such services where access to vessels may be restricted. It is good to see the industry taking steps to adapt to meet the challenges of the current global situation, however it is also important to consider that some of the alternatives on offer are not backed by the industry, end clients or class.

Over the last few weeks and months, Global Maritime have gained considerable experience in the provision of DP assurance services under these conditions. The most important outcome of this is that no method fits all needs. Alternative methods for assurance such as remote DP trials, remote DP verifications, interim trials etc, are all viable options, and some better suited in certain circumstances than others. However, as an independent third party we need to ensure that the primary goal of any DP assurance program is met; and that is that the trials are robust, meet the relevant elements of the industry standards and ensure a high level of assurance.

Global Maritime provides a worldwide network of highly qualified and experienced DP Practitioners. These individuals ensure that the vessels undergo the assurance required from the vessel owners, their clients, and the industry in general. We retain the quality of our services by continuously monitoring the products we deliver and comparing them to the current industry requirements, thereby supporting our clients by means of a solid risk-based approach, drawing on the significant experience and skills we offer around the globe. Even in the current times of restrictions and travel challenges, GM will be able to attend your vessel, in most key locations, at short notice and with a minimum of travel time and cost.

Despite the worldwide service that Global Maritime provide, it is unavoidable that we receive requests for our services in remote locations. In receiving these requests, we consider each case individually to ensure that your needs and expectations are met. Global Maritime will make use of our experience and network of competence to provide tailor-made solutions to the satisfaction our clients, the industry and in line with the rules and guidelines that our industry is built upon.

Please continue to contact us to find the best solution to make sure your vessel has the DP assurance required to ensure safe and efficient ongoing operations. You can reach our team, relevant to your locations through:


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