GMoor Mooring Analysis Software


GMoor is a quasi-static frequency domain mooring analysis program, principally developed for spread moored drilling vessels and other subsea support vessels in openwater. It also has low frequency time domain modes of operation for investigation of transient offset after line failure, and, optionally, for calculation of damping where non-linear effects are important.

GMoor can be used for work related to engineering assessments, planning, and approval in advance of a mooring deployment, as well as on board the vessel for prediction of vessel movement and tensions, in advance of approaching weather, or in preparation for a rig move. It has also been used for analysis of turret moorings and quayside moorings.



With a Custom Vessel File (CVF) containing rig specific environmental force and motion data, the user can simply enter weather and current conditions interactively. The software can then calculate and display mean and low frequency line tensions and vessel motions.

Results are stored in a database and displayed on-screen. A “batch” case of multiple weather conditions can be created, and the results post-processed directly from the database. The programme comes with a CVF preparation tool and a post-processing tool, which outputs directly to Excel.


Key Capabilities

The key capabilities of the software are:

  • Multicomponent lines with buoys or clump weights
  • Single/dual line break transient time domain
  • Batch and consequence analyses
  • Code checking to API, DNV POSMOOR, DNV OS-E301 and ISO mooring codes
  • Reports directly to pdf files
  • Includes post-processor to Excel format
  • Option to display DXF or DWG files as a “background” field display
  • Graphs of catenary parameters
  • Manual and auto-balance thruster control
  • Wave frequency and low frequency motion calculation
  • Mooring line and wave drift damping
  • Wind spectrum
  • PM, Jonswap or variable gamma wave spectrum
  • Separate sea and swell wave components

An optional module for dynamic analysis also allows:

  • Frequency domain line dynamics and code checking
  • Option to use time domain for calculation of non-linear damping & low frequency motions
Leasing Options

GMOOR is available for annual or monthly lease (minimum three months). An evaluation version is available. The software is fully supported by a robust support team, who are on hand to assist with any questions.


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