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GM OPSIM is a strategic operational planning tool for tailored project analysis. It provides the ability to model, simulate and test the stages, schedule, resources, and limiting criteria of your operations. The results of the simulation identify the critical stages, availability and delay, resource pinch points, and potential savings of time and effort.

GM OPSIM is a discrete event simulation package designed to establish disruption, delays, and resource utilisation in marine and offshore operations. Applications include spells analysis, weather windows, drilling, production and resource availability, and uptime, transportation, and storage.

GM OPSIM combines the resources and schedule distribution with criteria, priorities, resource capabilities and environmental limits, and tests against time envelope and time series metocean data. The software is able to simulate the operation tens of thousands of times, to develop a sound statistical database.

We use GM OPSIM for simulations from simple to complex, including:

  • Weather window and spells analysis
  • Drilling availability
  • Pipelay uptime
  • Offshore towage and transport
  • FPSO storage and off-take
  • Onshore storage and SPM export
  • Tanker and export vessel fleet requirements

Simulation Models

Each model is a bespoke solution made by combining different analysis modules. The modules available include:

  • Scheduling
  • Resource numbers and capabilities
  • Production, storage and export
  • Priorities and queuing
  • Criteria, limit levels, and directionality
  • Metocean data and related forecasting
  • Spells and time series weather analysis
  • Spread start date
  • Multiple simulations with sensitivities
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