Inspection of Construction Quality

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: July 1, 2016

Client: Zakher Marine

Timeline: 2016

Global Maritime Consultancy and Engineering, Abu Dhabi, have been contracted by Zakher Marine, Abu Dhabi to complete an inspection on the construction quality of the legs for a jack up barge under construction in China.

The client suspected that the construction quality was sub-standard and that the set fabrication tolerances were not complied with.

A Global Maritime inspector with extensive experience in construction of jack up units travelled to the shipyard in Huludao, China for the inspection.

On site, the fabrication and welding processes were discussed with the owner superintendent and the shipyard project manager. Bases on the discussions, the processes were verified on site to ensure the construction processes were followed as discussed. In addition, a dimensional survey was conducted to verify the construction of the legs was within the set construction tolerances.

Based on the survey, it was confirmed that there was no evidence of any major non-conformities in the construction tolerances or construction processes and the construction of the legs was continued.

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