IMCA Audit of Diving Systems for DSV "Akademik Tofiq Ismayilov"

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: April 1, 2016

Client: Saipem Contracting Netherlands BV

Timeline: 2016

Global Maritime was attended the Diving system audit for Diving Support Vessel (DSV) “AKADEMIK TOFIQ ISMAYILOV” for Saipem Contracting Netherlands BV Azerbaijan Branch.

This project included audits carried out to verify the compliance with Air Diving System, Saturation (Bell) Diving Systems, and Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) of the DSV vessel.

The Audit Inspection was carried out in accordance with the following criteria:

- IMCA D023 “Air Diving System DESIGN” Document

- IMCA D024 “DESIGN for Saturation (Bell) Diving Systems”

- IMCA D040 “Saturation Diving Systems DESIGN” Document

- IMCA D053 “DESIGN for the Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) forming part of a Hyperbaric Evacuation System (HES)” Document

- IOGP 478 “Performance of saturation diving emergency hyperbaric evacuation and recovery”.

- IMCA D014 “International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving”

- IMCA D018 “Code of Practice on the Initial and Periodic Examination, Testing and Certification of Diving Plant and Equipment”.

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