Full Onhire/Offhire surveys of transportation and jacket launch barge STB-1

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: September 1, 2016

Client: Caspian Shipyard Company

Timeline: 2015 – 2016

Global Maritime (GM) was requested by Caspian Shipyard Company to conduct on their behalf the Onhire condition survey of barge STB-1, whilst berthed in Baku at Caspian Shipyard, followed by offhire condition survey after completion of repair/modification.

Scope of work before repair included vessel survey as following:

- Standard pre-towing survey of barge STB-1 before moving barge from Boshelf

- Extended condition survey, as per client request, of barge STB-1 including full tanks and external hull inspection

- ROB (major consumables on board) of barge STB-1 as per onhire date required by client

-To prepare Onhire Condition Report for client approval

Scope of work after repair included vessel survey as following:

- To carry out extended survey of off-hire condition of barge STB-1 including external shell plate and internal tanks inspection, as required by client

- To carry out ROB (major consumables on board) of barge STB-1 as per off hire date

- To prepare Offhire Condition Report for client approval.

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