It's time you met Scott Cruttenden (age 44), our new Heads of Business Development for Renewable Energy

Posted by: Global Maritime | Date: June 15, 2021
Global Maritime

1. Who is Scott Cruttenden?

I live on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of the England with my wife and three children (Caitlin, Connor and Rowen).

In my spare time I am involved with youth football, play the occasional game of squash and knock the occasional ball around at the local golf driving range /course.

In my early career, I started down a path of Mechanical Engineering but, soon realised my interests lay in more Commercial related roles. I have worked for a combination of SMEs and more latterly with larger PLCs /Groups and over the last 20 years this has been primarily in the maritime sector.
I have joined GM from a Commercial Manager role with Boskalis Offshore Energy where I was responsible for the Subsea Cable installation and more latterly Foundation installation capabilities and opportunities. This was a combination of Business Development and Commercial Management ( ie taking leadership on winning strategy, contract negotiations , key subcontractors etc). Prior to leaving Boskalis, I was moving towards achieving Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES) status.

2. Renewable Energy is on everyone’s lips these days, what excites you most about the new energy sources?

From a professional perspective, Offshore Renewable Energy is something I have been involved in since its beginnings in the UK so, its something I feel I have evolved with over the last 12 years or so. Seeing the way that the cost of offshore wind has gone from £150 + per MWh down to the current costs that average at around £50 MWh.
The technology evolution has also moved at a significant pace with the circa 2mw wind turbines dominating the early offshore market through to 18-20mw turbines being cited for the future projects as well as a big movement from fixed bottom to a combination of fixed and floating.
On a more personal level, it’s reassuring to see a more joined up global approach to sustainability and, through the Paris 2020 agreement and the set of global Sustainable Development Goals, it feels like there is a common objective as a whole currently. Renewable Energy will play a big part in this and this will be inclusive of offshore wind, Wave & Tidal Energy and Floating Solar. All of which are markets where we can potentially add value.
I was a Sustainability ‘champion’ within Boskalis and, developed a ‘local’ (UK) CSR strategy which led me down the path of completing a Business Sustainability Management qualification and a IEMA Practitioner approved course.

3. What are your goals in your new position?

My initial goals are to understand and process our current experiences and foothold in offshore renewables. It is reassuring to see a high volume of projects have already been completed across our global offices.
With this and my own understanding of the stakeholders in the sector, I hope to become a proactive resource with a plan and focus we have all bought into.
I have already begun to develop some discussions and follow some ‘live’ opportunities that I was involved in during my previous role. This has been made easier by leveraging our strong reputation and track record.
My ultimate goal is to increase visibility of the GM brand, develop our network and increase our market share across all business lines that are relevant to offshore renewables.

4. How do you find Social Media ?

I am not a big user of social media other than the professional network Linkedin. I tend to leave the likes of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to my children but, certainly see benefits of Social Media (particularly Linkedin) from a marketing and brand awareness perspective.

5. How have you fared two first weeks in GM?

Joining in a Global role during a pandemic is quite an odd experience but, the fact everyone has been so welcoming has made this much easier. So, I like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the course of my first few weeks. Looking forward I hope to be visible through the Renewables Business Development Community (MS Teams ) channel and, very much welcome the sharing of information either through MS Teams or via a MS Teams virtual coffee!



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